How to Become Amazon’s choice

How to Become Amazon's Choice?

People are making money on Amazon and are always curious to get Amazon’s Choice Badge. There is a wide range of products available on Amazon and having a badge gives an edge to improve shoppers’ buying experience on the marketplace. There are a couple of benefits of Amazon’s Choice Badge. But let us start with what this badge meant.

What is Amazon Choice?

Amazon has given a classification to listing through Amazon’s Choice. It displays a black banner with white and orange lettering that reads “Amazon’s Choice”. The badge means this is Amazon’s recommendation for a well-priced, highly rated product available for immediate shipping. It has a specific placement. The best fit to a buyer’s search query, based on a series of algorithms is Amazon’s Choice. It is the first offer people see after sponsored ads when they search for any product through default “Featured” sorting. It creates a positive impact on sales as it draws consumer attention and trust. So, obtaining this badge is also worthwhile for sellers.

Amazon’s Choice Criteria

Amazon’s Choice has a set criterion to meet to get the badge and it is not considered an ad space where brands can apply or pay to get the badge and receive the distinction.

To be eligible for Amazon’s Choice, a product must first be Prime-eligible, in stock, and available to ship immediately. It is supposed to have a low return rate compared to similar products, be highly rated, and be a popular item or category best-seller. As the badge serves as an incentive for buyers because it is a token of Amazon’s endorsement, which carries a lot of clouts. 

Amazon’s Choice are linked to the below factors:

  • Prime eligibility
  • Stock levels
  • Availability to ship
  • Low return rate
  • Popularity & sales
  • Great product reviews
  • Competitive price

How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge for Your Products?

1. Focus on Keywords

As we all know it was originally started with Alexa to streamline voice searches, hence this badge relied heavily on keywords and items that correspond to specific keyword searches. You need to be very sure about the keyword while listing your product as the best keyword will lead to an Amazon’s Choice product. The main idea of Amazon’s Choice Badge was to prevent products with different meanings but similar names from being confused. Therefore, if you have been slacking on your keyword research, now’s the perfect time to master it. Researching the best keywords for the product may result in a badge.

Amazon's Choice

2. Increase Customer Rating

Amazon's Choice

If the customer rating of the product is low, it will not receive a badge until the ratings are improved. Amazon will not risk its reputation for any product and thus will not recommend any product for its buyers without a good seller rating. If the product is a bestseller in their category with a low return rate, receiving a badge is possible.

3. Prime Eligibility

The product will only get Amazon’s Choice badge if they are eligible for Prime. Adding Prime means the product is in stock, ready for shipment, and will arrive within two days. And this is what this badge says when you hover over it: available to ship immediately. 

Amazon's Choice

4. Competitive Pricing

Amazon's Choice

It has been also added in the slogan of the Amazon’s Choice badge when you move your cursor over it: ‘well-priced products.’ We all know that prices are dynamic and constantly fluctuating but if you use a great repricer and have solid rules in place, you put the odds in your favor.

5. Great User Reviews

Amazon’s Choice also cares a lot about positive reviews. Hence you need to maintain great user reviewers. Your previous buyers must have reviewed highly of your products and services. Your reviews mostly need to be in the 4- and 5-star categories. We suggest you hustle to get feedback from buyers and also go the extra mile and try to change negative reviews into positive ones or manage to have more positive reviews than negative ones.

Amazon's Choice

Amazon Choice Badge Hacks for FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) sellers

Hacks for FBA is to optimize product titles as it is important for product-related searches. Optimized Product Titles will increase CTRs. More consumers will click on the listing as opposed to that of a competitor due to title optimization. Hence results in a higher ranking from Amazon. The recommendation from Amazon is to include specific attributes in the title. This includes the description and brand, key ingredient or material, product line, quantity, size, and color.

Final Thoughts

It is not as easy as it seems to get Amazon’s Choice. Amazon Experts have worked for years to understand the algorithms and help businesses to get the badge. Luckily, you can get the vast list of services to manage your Amazon Account at Howzzat Inc. So, hired Howzzat today for managing and optimizing your business.