How to Rank Higher on Google in 2021 With SEO Strategies?

How to Rank Higher on Google in 2021 With SEO Strategies?

How to Rank Higher on Google in 2021 With SEO Strategies?

Ranking higher on Google is not an easy job but Search ranking can make or break your business. You need to optimize to rank higher in search engines like Google. As optimization allows your website to be found, increases traffic, visibility, and lead generation.

Focus on Keywords and Content

In order to get lucrative results, you need to have an effective SEO approach. Content is the first and foremost crucial and core of SEO. Content is and will always be important. Your marketing campaigns rely a lot on content. However, all your efforts will be wasted and useless if the content is not shielded, anchored by something. and from here SEO begins as it helps you reach out to your targeted audience and deliver your message/content. To deliver your content to your desired audience, you need to work on keywords. Relevant keywords help you rank high in search engines and it is important to correctly interpret the keywords you target. Your go-to keyword suggestion tools are Answer The Public or Google Trends that will help you see what keywords worth more of your focus.

Incorporate your keywords on below key places on your website:

  • Title tags such as headers tell search engines what your website is about.
  • URLs show search engines how to navigate your website.
  • Image alt text shows search engines that your images contain.
  • Meta descriptions tell searchers what your content is about in the SERP.
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Be Mobile-Friendly

This is the era of mobile. The average consumer is spending around 5 hours a day on mobile devices, be it a smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, the major chunk of global online traffic is generated by mobile phones. Hence, there is a huge shift towards SEO strategies keeping mobile devices and audiences in mind. There are two main areas to be focused on while making SEO improvements for your website. The first one is speed and the second is readability. You need to start with optimizing your website with a reliable hosting service with essential plugins, and a mobile-friendly theme. Furthermore, your visuals (images) are also supposed to be optimized in terms of compression, size, and quality. For readability, your website needs to be responsive. You can check your website using a Google tool as well.

Remove Duplicate Pages

To optimize the on-site experience, you have to remove duplicate pages as duplicate pages hurt your SEO rankings. Because it confuses google to choose which page to rank. Every web page has a different ranking, page authority, and SEO juice. Hence, to make sense you should delete your duplicate content and start with a clean slate.

Monitor Backlinks

SEO and backlinks work parallel. You cannot have one without the other. Backlinks play a significant role in your website ranking therefore they need to be of high quality and relevant to reap the SEO rewards. The strong backlinks are considered to be relevant and trust by searchers as a level of quality. In order to move up in SERPs, your backlinks should get along with your SEO. Build natural backlinks to diversify your anchor text and avoid abusing exact match anchor texts. The best practice is to track the anchor texts you have used and avoid overusing those you’ve already used.

Featured Snippets Ranking

Featured snippets are the blocks that contain information. It appears in the search engine right below the Google Ads, if there are any, usually above any other results triggered by the search. Google designed these snippets to facilitate the users to find useful information fast and easy to read/understand. Nonetheless, it also makes you profit by getting your content on top of your competitors’ articles. You can produce valuable content by answering some questions. Use can also use a bullet/numbering system when you need to list a series of answers. Your content should be valuable, and it must acquire valuable backlinks. 

Use a Simple, Readable URL Structure

Your URLs are supposed to be simple and readable for users in order to avoid confusion for search engines too. Regardless of the search evolution, search spiders are programs, not humans and we need to guide them accordingly. You can use two to four words to make it easy to type and search engine friendly. As Search engines follow search users.

Wrapping Up:

I believe you’ve found these SEO tips helpful. If you follow the tips above, you’ll be on your way to higher rankings and more traffic. The SEO is a long term and continuous landscape which is constantly shifting, so do not leave it any longer to play catch up!