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The Ultimate Logo Design Checklist for Every Brand

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The Ultimate Logo Design Checklist for Every Brand

A logo is a symbolic representation of the brand. It can be made up of words or imagery or even both. But logos have a deeper meaning than that.

The logo portrays and represents the brand. It is an essential element of brand identity; in fact, it is the most powerful brand asset that communicates to potential clients and leaves the impression in the marketplace. Hence, it is vitally important to work on the logo for delivering success and the right message to the target audience. Every little detail of the logo needs attention from typography, to color theory and layout. 

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Effective Logo Design Checklist for your brand

We have formed an ultimate logo design checklist that will ensure an effective logo for your business: 

Consider all the types of logos

There are different logotypes that brand adopts for their visual representation. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Icons or Symbols

Brands use simple shapes to get recognized and remember easily. For instance, Nike or Apple. Their logos are simple and easy to recall. 

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2. Wordmarks

Textual logos that are stylized are wordmarks that companies use as their logos such that Coca Cola, Facebook, Visa and Walt Disney. Customized typography is used to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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3. Lettermark

Initials, abbreviations are designed as logos rather than words. Brands that are difficult to pronounce usually have lettermarks. Lettermarks are all about simplicity. These types of logos are formed using stylized letters and basic geometric shapes. NASA, HP, and H&M have lettermark logos.

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4. Combination Mark

A combination mark has a mixture of both symbols and words. The illustration and words are combined to form a logo. Burger King, Adidas, and KFC have a combination mark style of logo. It is the complex type of logo as both words and illustrations must compete and complement each other to portray the right image.

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5. Emblem

Emblem logos have badges or patches. It has a font within a symbol. Harley Davidson and Porsche are one of the best examples of emblem logos. 

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Research on Target Audience

The target audience has a critical role to play in the success of the logo. Information related to the target audience gives a meaningful and relevant perspective to the logo. If you are designing a logo for a kid’s brand, you will use the vibrant and lively colour scheme instead of using serious colours including blacks and other neutral shades. That is how you will capture your right audience.

Sketch your logo Idea

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Sketching of the logo makes you brainstorm about the visual representation of the logo and it is the first stage of the creative journey. It will help you dump all your ideas onto the piece of paper. It’s very usual that the concept you have in your mind doesn’t look as appealing and aesthetically on paper as well. Hence, sketching will help you compare your options by having a tangible aspect of the logo design.  You can revise the details or may craft a logo in totally different direction after seeing someone else’s vision.

Selection of Font faces and Color palettes

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A colour scheme and font have vital role in depicting your brand personality. You need to understand colour theory and colour wheel for your brand that will have the greatest impact on the targeted audience. A properly designed logo conveys brand’s personality in both digital and print media.

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A well coloured logo has a strong communication impact and works better than mere words. You might also need to consider typeface (font face) for your brand and it could be custom typeface designed for a unique logo.

A Black-and-White Version of Your Logo

Whilst we are talking about the color scheme and color theory for the logo, but you can never ignore the monochrome version of your logo. A professional designer will definitely share the black and white version of your logo to give you a considerable visual approach to your logo.

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Give Attention to Shape

Logos are just about shapes from one aspect to another. Some are crafted by using simple shapes and others are designed by specific shapes. Shapes form the basis of any logo design and have a vital impact on brand identity. If McDonald’s M is pointed and stretched it will form a new logo. All types of logos have due consideration to shape to form.

A Versatile Logo

Logo must be versatile. It should be seamlessly integrated in different ways including:

  • multiple surfaces I.e. T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, etc.
  • different sizes i.e. billboard, website, apps, billboards, etc.
  • both on vertical and horizontal banners
  • next to other brand’s logo in case of collaborations, sponsorships, partnerships, etc.

Perhaps, logo needs to be versatile to present the strong brand identity regardless it is showcasing the brand in giant billboard or as a bottom placement on any app. A strong, well-crafted logo communicates and present the brand’s image flawlessly.

Feedback for the Improvement

As we are crafting a brand identity and making a visual symbolic representation of our logo, feedback is a key factor to improve and cater to the targeted audience in the right direction. It is highly important to get feedback from the team members and if possible, from your audience. They will highlight the elements that you might ignore. A rational sound approach always improves and polishes your hard work.

Rule Out Potential Intellectual Property Infringement

A logo is a business trademark. The trademarking and copyrighting of the logo is complex and usually logos are protected trademarks. Therefore, you need to rule out to file your trademark application for your final logo design but before that you need to know that there Is no similar design registered for any particular company.

Best Logo Design Practices

We can sum up the best logo design practices as:

With all the above checklist of the effective logo design, you can have a mesmerizing and wonderful logo design.